The principle


Technologie Big Wall VisionBWV is based on the concept of « rotating pixels »

Each color pixel appears by the run of a printed ribbon contained in a tiny tape.


The BWV technology is based on the concept of « rotating pixel »; each coloured pixel is displayed through unrolling of a printed tape (ribbon) contained in a tiny cassette.

A color chart of 250 colors is printed on a ribbon of 2 meters. Each 38 x 38 mm cell (pixel) contains a ribbon, its implementation mechanism, and its devices of position control and error correction.

To minimize congestion and ensure the rigidity and tightness, these pixels are grouped by two within the same 38 x 80 x 80 mm cassette.

The cassettes are combined into 36 units in a « module ». Each module is autonomous: it contains a single electronic card for connecting the cassettes, the steering of each pixel, the module current supply, the LAN interface.

The final realization includes the module carrier with 8 modules per m², the internal current supply, and the arrival of data network with intermediate routers.

A billboard thus consists of a number of modules connected in a local network, controlled via Internet, by a remote central server responsible for contact with positioning the tape (ribbon) for each cell (pixel) depending on the image to be displayed:

–      One m² contains 576 cells (pixels) divided into 8 modules
–      A 100m² billboard therefore contains 57,000 cells

It takes less than 30 seconds to display an image of 100 m², 200 m² or more, and synchronize the pilotage of several billboards installed worldwide.

The low power consumption authorize if necessary an autonomous production of energy (solar …)